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8-Step Guide to Proper Packing

We like shortcuts because they make things quick and less complex. But not everything can be done on a whim. We need to make sure things are done properly to avoid mistakes and chaos. The same thing is true when preparing to pack for a move. When we plan and pack properly, the easier it is for us to move. Also, we are assured of safe and hassle-free move.

Here is an 8-step guide to proper packing of household goods.

Step 1: Pack all things that fall in the same group (kitchen items, bedroom items etc). Then, pack from little things to large things.
Step 2: Pack personal stuff such as clothing and shoes in advance.
Step 3: Only bring things that will be useful to you. Discard items you don't frequently use to reduce clutter and packing work.
Step 4: Hardware should be packed inside hard boxes or plastic containers. These shall keep sharp hardware from poking out the box, preventing injuries.
Step 5: Keep hardware accessible so it can be easier to re-assemble furniture and appliances.
Step 6: Gather boxes in one area. If possible, stock them in the garage or the basement to ease the loading process.
Step 7: Do a final walk through in your home to check if all the boxes have been loaded into the truck.
Step 8: Clean the house before leaving.