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About Finland

Based in London, Finland Removals is a modern, professional moving company which has been offering Londoners a unique service for a decade now. We started off as specialists, helping people move their families or relocate their businesses to Finland, following a growing trend at the time. However, after spending years ensuring that we had these big projects in hand, we realised that it was possible to bring our unique take on the moving experience to people who weren’t moving overseas, but rather were looking to move elsewhere in the UK or even just across London. From that moment onwards, we have brought our big business thinking to projects of all sizes, offering our customers a unique level of satisfaction at what they expect to be such a traumatic time in their lives.

With stress being combatted in every sphere of our lives, we recognised that there wasn’t actually being done to fight it in the removals trade, particularly for people heading overseas where everything is exacerbated. As a result, it was natural for us to try and combat stress on two fronts; firstly through prices but to an even greater extent with our service.

Money is always a stressful topic, particularly in recession. There is no wiggle room for people, so we vowed to separate ourselves from the traditional expectations of removals companies. We keep it simple. Our quote is 100% free. Our quote is 100% thorough. The number you see on that quote is exactly the number you will pay, no additional fees, no hidden costs and no surcharges. If you need additional help later on at a moment’s notice, it comes at exactly the same cost as if you had requested it at a start.

Our services were in truth designed to help those people who are moving such great distances, where time is at a premium, but equally, they have been shown to be hugely appreciated by people engaged in local business or personal moves where it is easy for time to get the better of you. You can choose from any of our packaging, cleaning or storage services to compliment your moving experience and take some of the weight off, whether you are moving to Helsinki or Huddersfield.

However, the big area where we were confident that we could make a difference was our service as much as our services. It cannot be stressed enough how much of a boost it is to see a clean, well maintained, modern and secure van coming to your door on moving day. Equally important are our staff members, who are not only trained in the physical aspects of the removals process to increase their efficiency and professionalism, they are also the representatives of our ethos.

Without the respect that we show our customers, their businesses, their families, their possessions and the buildings they are leaving behind or settling into we know that we wouldn’t be in the position we are now. It is this that has made us the leading Finland relocation service in the UK, and as we expand to cover the capital and the rest of the country it will be this mantra which ensures that whatever your project, you will get the same quality of service from our company.

Whether you are moving across the city or across borders to start a new life anywhere in Europe, there is a unique sense of security which goes hand in hand with dealing with a company used to operating on this scale. If you want us, if you need us, you know where we are.