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What Not To Do When Moving House

When you are moving house, it is likely that you are overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do. It is not unlikely that you will probably forget to do something or miscalculate in certain aspects. If this is your first time, you might want to look out for some of the most common mistakes listed below that people make mostly during house removals. 1.    Book a vehicle too smallIf you book a vehicle that does not carry all of your possessions at once, you will probably incur more expenses in making a second trip than you would have if you had ordered a bigger lorry.  Save yourself the trouble of guessing and get your removals company or man and van contractor to come down and assess the possessions you want to move before moving day. If you are expecting new deliveries before the moving day, make sure you let the movers know. 2.    Not arrange for parking Whether you are loading at your old home or unloading at your new one, it would be unfair to except the removals crew to carry your items, especially the heavy ones, further than is absolutely necessary.  So make sure you discuss parking when you are in consultation with the moving company so that you are made aware of charges, if any, for parking permits and who will be arranging it. Most often, you can get parking for free if you inform your local council, but the moving company might leave it up to you to arrange that.3.    Leaving unclear directions to your homeMake sure that the removals van has your correct and complete addresses at both ends, especially if you are not travelling in the van. It would be a good idea to give them a mobile phone number on which they can reach you in case of any trouble. If you are travelling behind, make sure there is someone at the new address with keys to your property so that the movers can begin unloading and moving in before you arrive.4.    Leave your dishwasher and washing machine still connectedThere are some parts of a removals job that require special expertise, such as uninstalling washing machines and dishwashers. If you cannot get a plumber or handyman to do this for you before the moving day, make sure you call the removal company and ask for a crew member who has the required training to do this.5.    Forgetting insuranceNo matter how good the removals service you hire is, there is always the off-chance that something could be broken or damaged during transit. If the thing is valuable, it will probably set you behind a few quids to have it mended. This is why it is always a good idea to be insured. You can usually get one with the removals company, or look into your home insurance to increase cover. Hopefully you shouldn’t need it but if something is broken, make sure you take pictures and alert the moving crew and office immediately.6.    Forget to prepare overnight bagsYou’ll need some personal stuff to get through the first night in your new house even when you haven’t finished unpacking everything. This is why you need to pack a bag with clothes and other necessities for each member in the family, including your pet. This includes things like clothes, toothbrushes, toiletries, medication, food, toilet paper etc. Make sure you take this bag with you in the car and don’t put it in the van with the boxes.