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What Kind of Valuation Coverage Should You Get?

You would be surprised that what you actually get when you hire the removals company to transport your things is valuation coverage, and not insurance. By definition, valuation coverage is actually a promise to pay for the things that get lost or damaged during the move.
The standard coverage is known as declared coverage. This is usually a part of the cost of removals especially if you hire a licensed and bonded removals company. This type of coverage is usually based on weight. For instance, the coverage could be $30 per 100 pounds. It could also be $60 per 100 per pounds. Of course, it could also be higher if you negotiate for it. But then a higher premium might be required as well.
You could also get assessed value or lump sum value coverage. This time it's not based on weight but rather on the value of the items. Nevertheless, you will still not get the total amount needed to replace the item. To get the full amount, what you need is a full value protection. This is ideal when you are transporting computers and televisions, for instance, since these appliances easily get damaged if dropped or bumped badly.
But then again, at the end of the day your choice would really depend on the level of protection you want to get. It could also be dictated by your budget. To decide wisely though, it's always best to consider the type of items you are transporting.