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Tips For Moving House Safely

If you’re moving into a new home then you need to make sure you’re moving safely and with the help of professionals if you should need it. There are lots of ways in which you can make your house move safer for you and your family here, and here are a few helpful and handy tips to get you started. 1)    Make sure you have help with lifting and loading.Even if you don’t have any items of furniture to move with you, you probably do have a lot of heavy and awkward-to-carry items that need to be lifted and securely carried to avoid damaging their contents. Make sure you understand proper lifting and loading techniques before you lift anything, and never attempt to lift or carry anything that you know if too heavy for you! If you’ve hired professional help then your movers can assist you with all of your lifting and loading, but if you haven’t then it’s recommended that you enlist the help of friends and family for those extra-heavy items. Be careful when carrying anything up and down any stairs, and make sure that pathways are clear and that you can fully see where you’re moving to when lifting anything. 2)    Hiring a professional removal company.If you’re hiring a professional moving company then you need to ensure you’re hiring a reliable company with experience and knowledge. Lots of people choose to hire their removal companies over the internet, as this is speedy and often enables you to get the cheapest deals. If you want to keep you and your belongings safe on moving day then make sure that you’ve hired the best movers possible. Scour the internet for user reviews and customer comments so that you can be sure you’ve made the right decision, and always read over any paperwork thoroughly and carefully to avoid any problems on moving day! 3)    Using extra tools.You might need to use some extra tools on moving day, such as screwdrivers to disassemble your furniture or even a dolly if you’ve hired one to make moving your appliances easier. If you’re using equipment that you’re not familiar with then make sure you fully understand how it works so that you can avoid injuring yourself or damaging your belongings. Read any instructions for disassembling furniture as thoroughly as possible and enlist the help of your hired professionals or the help of friends and family if you feel as though you need it. 4)    Securely loading your moving van.When it comes to loading your moving van this needs to be done with the upmost care. Any items of furniture should be loaded with the biggest surface lying flat across the bottom of the van, and any loose drawers or shelves should be removed so that they won’t crush any of your items during transit. You might find it worthwhile to invest in bungee cord or rope to secure any loose items down in the van too! A rented dolly is a great way to help you get heavy and unstable items into the van, and if you have a lot of furniture it might be worth trying to hire a van with a moving platform that can assist you during loading. Never load fragile items into your van as it is too easy for them to break, instead use your own vehicle and ensure everything is secure for moving.