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Things to Check before Moving In into the New Apartment

These days, all people who wish to move out and live independently are resorting into getting a bachelor's pad or a small apartment instead of building or constructing a new house - which is rather very expensive and time consuming.  However, some are ending miserably desperate in their new apartment because of the so many problems that they see after the moving in.  In order not to become prey to this, the following are suggested before the actual moving in:
   Check with the landlord if the utilities are all working - kitchen and bathroom faucets, lights and electrical wiring, door knobs and pad locks, drainage and sewerage system.  These are some of the more overlooked aspects that people get a problem with the soonest time they move in to the new apartment. 
Check with the community or with your service provider if there are stronger signals or various cell sites that can provide you better signals for your cellphone and your internet connection.  These are some of the more useful gadgets that a lot of people cannot live without. 
These are just some of the more important things that you need to look into if you are dead serious about settling your new life in an apartment.  Otherwise, you end up living a more "painful" life living independently.