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The Right Moving Box for the Right Items

Experts will advise you to use moving boxes when packing items. They say that moving boxes are more durable than the regular free boxes you can get from groceries. Although that is true, you should not just get any moving box to pack your items. You should use only the right moving box to pack your items. Here are the types of moving boxes and what items you should pack in them:
   File boxes. File cabinets are great ways to store your files. But moving these cabinets while there are still files inside is never ideal. That is why you still need special file boxes for moving. These boxes are specifically created to resist any damages that files can get while being transported.
   Disk packs. These moving boxes have separate units that can protect your glassware and dishes with their internal dividers. These are great in organizing your things and most especially in protecting them while moving.
   Wardrobe boxes. These moving boxes are tall and deep. They have built-in bars so you can hang your clothes like what you do in a closet. Some of wardrobe boxes have sections for shoes as well.
Using the right moving boxes will not only protect your items during the move. They will also help you pack your things easier and faster.