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3 Things to Do Before the Actual Day of Moving Out

Moving out will involve a lot of pre and post activities.  There are times that these activities are becoming confusing if not given the right amount of time and attention.  Below are some of the more important things to do before the actual moving out day:

a.    Check and visit all areas in the house and un-clutter each.  Each room in the house has things in it and all these things may need to be placed inside a box.  Before the actual moving day, it is best that you do the un-cluttering and packing of things in order not to rush on the day of moving out.
b.    Make all the necessary arrangements with your utility services.  If you are moving out, you may need to settle all the utility services that you currently have.  In addition, if you are arrear payments with them, make sure that these are all settled.  Moreover, ensure that you get to notify these companies of the forthcoming disconnection in order not to be billed continuously.
c.    Inform your friends about the move out by throwing a party for them. You can formally announce your plan of moving out on the day of the actual party.  This makes the moving out all the more memorable.
These are some of the things that you may need to work out before the actual day of moving out.