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Packing Tips For Successful Home Removals

When you are moving house, the largest part of all removals is the packing. You will want to be sure that there is no way in which your things can get damaged, no matter how badly they may be handled. This is not to say that they will be, but it is always best to safeguard against such things, just in case. You would likely do best to ensure that you work to the rule of ‘worst possible scenario’ rather than hoping for the best, as this way you are totally covered. However, being over the top can undo you in certain circumstances, as overpacking can leave you with a box that is too full, and waste space in your van. When you pack, you should follow a plan, so that you do not end up packing things away before they are done with. Plan out a schedule to ensure that you can get things packed up and ready without the process getting in the way of your life during the final weeks of your time at the old house. You can start with the garage, then the attic, moving on to ornamental things that are not ‘used’ as such, and as the move gets closer, pack away the things that you useless, moving on to the final day where you simply leave a box of things that you will need on the day. Having a travel box is pretty useful, as it is a great place to put things that you know you will need. A kettle, tea, milk and biscuits, packed lunches, kids’ favorite toys, and all the rest will need to be on hand whilst you are moving, and each move is different, so be sure to make up this box for your move before the day comes.When you pack, be sure to only do so for a couple of hours per day. Ensuring that you are not at risk of getting bored and losing concentration is essential, as this will mean that you end up packing things badly, and as such will have serious problems later on down the line. Slack packing means that things can come unravelled in the box, and when in the van, things will shake together, and bad packing can easily result in shattered glassware and the like.As you pack up boxes, be sensible with the contents. Keep book boxes small, so that they are easy to lift. Large boxes full of books will be extremely heavy, and may take two men to lift which will make the removal take that little bit longer. As you go, label the boxes with a short description of what is within them, so that you can find things if they are needed, and also to let the movers know what is inside them. If a removals man knows that the box is full of books, then they can put it at the bottom of a pile, whereas a heavy box full of glassware should not go at the bottom of anything for fear that it get crushed! Getting a packing service in may seem like a bit of an over the top luxury, but it can be extremely useful if you are busy with work and the like during the time that you need to be getting the move underway. Many removals companies only insure boxes that have been packed by their own staff, so that may affect your decision on the matter!