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Packing Needn't Slow you Down

When it comes to moving home, there are so many things to organise and remember, it’s easy to let packing slip down the list meaning that it often gets done at the last minute. This can cause stress, breakages and items getting lost or misplaced in the hurry of the move itself. However, by starting early enough, this can be easily avoided. This will give you time to carefully plan what you want to take with you and make sure you have enough boxes for your needs: - Begin by working out exactly what you want to take with you – remember, there is always the option of putting some of your belongings into storage- It may be that you have desirable items that you longer need – remember that you can sell these on auction sites or even at car boot/ jumble sales – any proceeds generated could then be put towards purchasing new items - Work out how many boxes you’ll need and get these well in advance of date of your move – make sure you have a variety of box sizes and also check you have enough tape and bubble wrap  - Don’t overfill boxes as these will be difficult to lift- Ensure the boxes you get are both clean and sturdy – remember that these can be obtained from supermarkets or retail parks -  Double check your contents insurance will cover damage and breakages during the move- Check that all hazardous liquids and materials are packed together and kept well away from your other belongings  Remember that it’s unlikely everything can be unpacked on the first day, so ensure you have the following packed and ready for the first night in your new home:-    Pack essential rudiments like tea, coffee, kettles and toasters but also crockery, utensils and a cloth  -    Prepare a night bag for everyone in the family, and remember to pack enough toiletries -    Other useful items that should be easily accessible are a torch, a first-aid kits and toolkits-    Most importantly, ensure these ‘essential’ boxes are the last to be loaded so you can get them out first Packing sensiblySpend some time thinking about how best to pack. It is vital to pack valuables and breakables individually and then stack them in protected layers within each box – it’s even more important not to overfill here.-    Remember that packing takes longer than it seems – start early to avoid getting caught out-    Pack heavy items in small boxes and keep the weight of all boxes to a minimum-    Begin packing from the top of the house and move downwards-    Clearly label each box as to what it contains – for those containing breakables or valuables, it’s a good idea to mark these in a different colour so they can be quickly recognised -    It’s also advisable to pack important documents together and again clearly mark them in a different colour Moving home is a major deal and there are so many things that need to be considered. In focusing on the essential parts of the process, it’s easy to let packing slip down the list of priorities. When the day of the move approaches though, packing (or a lack of it) suddenly takes precedence and can cause a lot of stress if done at the last minute. But by starting early, this allows you enough time to plan what you’re taking and how best to transport everything, as well as enough boxes to properly facilitate your move.