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Packing for a Move-How to Get Organized

Moving, especially the packing part is loathed by many. With so many things to prepare and pack, it can be a little too overwhelming for everyone involved in the move. However, you could use a few strategies that can make the move a lot easier. A little planning and organization is all it takes to make this task less stressful and complicated. Create a Master List Your master list should include all the items that you have in your home. You can follow a number system wherein you can assign a number for each box to easily identify its contents. Keep this master list handy so you don't lose the only thing that is keeping you organized. Ensure Sufficient Packing Supplies Your local U-Haul is an ideal place to find specialty boxes for delicate items such as chandeliers and lamps. For other items, you may use a standard cardboard box from a local grocery store. Make sure you have ample supply of bubble wrap, newsprint and packing tape as well. Take What You Need Let go of the items you haven't used for at least a year. Arrange a garage sale or donate them to charities. Discarding unimportant items not only speeds up the packing process, but also helps create an uncluttered look for your new home. Label Boxes Appropriately Mark each boxes according to the room they belong to. Remember to keep similar items together- kitchen items, bedroom items etc. so you can focus in one room when your start unpacking.