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Moving your Office

Moving your office space can be quite an exciting proposition. Maybe you're moving on up to city centre office space, or maybe you're downsizing and heading off to somewhere a little more personal. With office removals, more so even than house removals, time is money and speed is of the essence. There is an urgent need to get everything sorted, in order to lose as little working time as possible. Limiting the effect of the move on the business comes down to four key points; making effective plans, being quick, being efficient and being safe. If you bear this in mind, you can’t go far wrong.Here are some tips to help your office move go as smoothly as possible. PlanStart planning early, the earlier the better. Most companies recommend taking three months from start to finish to get everything organised before the move. Make sure that your budget is in place and clearly defined, and that there is insurance for every step of the way. As the date approaches, try and have a schedule mapped out, and disseminate it across the whole office, so everybody knows what is happening. SpeedAs mentioned before, the quicker an office move, the better. In order to get things done as quickly as possible, it may be an idea to hire a larger van or truck in order to get everything done in one trip. Also, many companies or man and van hire allow you to hire a number of men at the same time, to make a speedy turnaround. When you have moved into your new premises, make sure that you leave a forwarding address and register your new address with companies house as soon as possible, to avoid any correspondence falling between the cracks. Try and have all of the things you are moving packed up and ready to go. EfficiencySome removal companies offer a packing service. They are experts, so it might be an idea to get them in to do the packing while you work around them. That way, you maximise working hours and reduce the impact of the move on your business. If you have a  lot of computers in the office (as most do) make sure they are all being packed together with the correct wires, so they can be set up as quickly as possible at destination. Think about colour coding computers and wires, so you know exactly what is going where and which computer belongs to who. Make sure that the responsibilities for the move are clearly delineated, and that everyone knows their responsibilities. If the move is being done in stages, think about drawing up a timetable to explain who's moving when. SafetyFor any business owner, safety is going to be a major concern. Ensure that staff are well out of the way of any dangerous areas during the move. It may be an idea to assemble then dis-assemble furniture in order to minimise the risk of anyone hurting themselves during the move. Try to avoid letting any general or untrained staff do any lifting or moving. If they get injured, it could mean big trouble. It might be worth planning downtime for some staff, so if they aren't needed on the day of the move, they can be kept from being tempted to join in. Keep the responsibility for the actual moving to trained staff. Make use of removals companies who have specialist experience moving businesses.Best of luck with your office move!