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Three Types of Roommates that You Want to Avoid

It is not a bad thing to have a roommate. It could mean company on boring days, a travel companion or a new friend. Unfortunately, not all roommates are easy to deal with. There are people who intentionally push you to your limit and there are those who are simply annoying. If you want to avoid such people, look for these qualities, traits and habits.
The Trash Talker:
Trash talking is something that most people do when they want to be blunt or justified. It may be forgivable on occasions when people need to vent. But if your roommate trash talks everyone and everything around him, you might want to keep your distance for this person.
The Gossiper:
When you live with roommates, sharing opinions and experiences is almost inevitable. Many of these statements will probably be very personal and you'd rather not tell others about them. A gossiper could broadcast, blog and probably share pictures of your private moments over the internet. Beware of this privacy killer.
The Nasty Roommate:
Bad hygiene is an instant turn-off for any roommate. If your roommate does not make an effort in throwing his laundry into the hamper, making his own bed or even flushing the toilet - it is time to go get a new flat and a new roommate.