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Moving Tips - How to Protect Your Valuables from Thieves

You can never be too careful when moving stuff out of the house. Aside from ensuring the safety of your belongings, see to it the each box really arrives in your new home. There have been plenty of theft cases related to relocations. Hence, always be proactive to be protected.
First of all, you need to know which items are most likely to be stolen. Most thieves are really not interested in stealing large, bulky furniture as they are difficult to carry and hard to sell. Moreover, items like chairs and tables are traceable, so you need not worry about these.
So, how about small items like CD's and books? These are not hot items for thieves either. They are not valuable enough to risk getting caught. Needless to say, there are some items that are not really worth stealing because of their resale value.
Jewelry, rare memorabilia, sports equipment and electronic gadgets are some of the most frequently stolen items in relocations. If you really can't risk losing them, consider bringing the items along with you. Think of it like this: If you keep the cookie out of the cookie jar, you can prevent possibilities of theft.