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Moving home: a benefit for cutting bills

There aren’t many benefits to moving house, apart, of course, from the new house itself. But before you get to being in your new home, there’s plenty of stress, chaos and packing to be done, a whole heap of appointments, arrangements and things to do and everything you do or sign costs you a small fortune. However, with the right attitude, moving house can be a complete benefit to one burden of modern life; utility bills. Moving into a new home can actually be a benefit to the cost of your utility bills and therefore your finances. This easy guide will tell you exactly how you can slash your bills and expenses in your new home. Contact your suppliersYou will need to contact your suppliers anyway to inform them that you’re in the process of moving, but before taking the simpler route of transferring all of your current providers over to the new house you need to use this time wisely to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your utilities. It is best to get this done in plenty of time, so you aren’t impacting your move in to the new house and can have all the essential suppliers up and running as soon as you arrive, as you don’t want to unpack in a cold and dark house. Still, this is the opportunity to find a great deal.By contacting your suppliers in advance, you are also giving them the opportunity to offer you a better deal. Let them know you will be considering other suppliers before committing to them, or renewing your contract. If you find a better offer, they may well try to beat it to ensure your continued custom. Compare, then compare againThe best place to compare prices is online, so get searching for a better deal. Not only can you transfer your gas and electric for a better deal, but you can also take this opportunity to re-assess most of your outgoings, including internet providers, cable packages, phone line, home and content insurances and much more. As well as comparing the major sites and companies, it is worth checking to see if a current provider could offer a combined deal through a bundle of services; such as a combined phone line, cable and internet rate, or perhaps your bank also offers home insurance at a better rate. Similarly, if you’re paying for a complete package, it could be more affordable to separate them or to opt for a cheaper service. It’s time consuming and often confusing, but persistence will see you saving money well after moving in. Not only will you have a new home to enjoy, but more money to spend, too. It’s important to know exactly what you and your family need, and what you don’t. If you’re paying for too many channels, megabytes or minutes you don’t use, then this is the perfect chance to cut down and save. The market is confusing and there are a ton of options, but by taking the time out to perfectly ensure what you’re spending and where you can save, you can enjoy the luxuries in life whilst enjoying some extra cash. Make a new house resolutionAsides from opting for the best suppliers and contracts, you should also start a resolution to monitor how much you are using and spending. After moving into a new house, you have the perfect chance to embark on good habits, using energy wisely and minimising waste. Get the whole family involved in monitoring how much energy you use; switch lights off, be careful with the heating and closely monitor calls and internet usage for the perfect start to your new life.