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Moving? Here are a Few Must-Remember Packing Tips!

Moving involves dozens of small-and-big tasks that you need to finish prior to the actual move date. This is precisely the reason why it pays to get a head start on your packing the minute that you confirm when your move date is. No matter what the reason is behind the move, organizing your things prior to packing is an absolute must - so that you would not have your things all in chaos once you move into your new home. 
To get you started, here are a few packing tips to keep in mind: • Make a list of the things that you own. This is both for organizational and insurance purposes. Once you hire a removals company, you will be required to make a list of your things anyway for insurance and inventory purposes. You wouldn't want any of your valuables to get stolen during the move, so making a list of what you own is also a precautionary measure. 
• Buy packing supplies before doing anything else.Depending on the deal that you will have with the removals company, they can either provide you with packing supplies or you'd need to buy them yourself. To save money, you may ask a friend or family member who just recently moved for removals boxes. Or, you can rent them from the removals company. 
• Know how to pack specialized items which might get broken or damaged during the move. This is one of the trickiest parts of moving - packing the big furniture pieces, your electronics and the fragile items which might get broken during transport. For this, you may put together all the sensitive items and simply have the movers pack them for you. They will usually charge you on a per hour basis but the cost should be worth it because the items will then be professionally packed and handled with extra care.
• Check on your home insurance policy. Lastly, check on your home insurance policy to know what the clause says for moving. Or, you can check on the Terms and Conditions of the contract that you have with the removals company so that you would know how you can file a claim should your things get damaged in transit.