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Move to the Country - What are the Benefits?

When you are not comfortable living in the busy place of a city, try to move to the peaceful country side. There are good benefits you can get from moving to the country.
1. There is no pollution in the country. You can absolutely breathe clean, fresh air. The clean atmosphere that circulates around these places is due to the thousands of plants and trees residing there that provide fresh air. In contrast, big cities have lots of factories and industries where a huge possibility of pollution occurs.
2. There is less traffic in the country unlike in most cities. Because there are fewer people in the country, the road is not always busy. Vehicles are fewer here so you can freely drive anywhere at anytime without getting worried about being stacked in a traffic jam.
3. There are fresher vegetables and fruits in the country. You can buy from the field and you can also pick from the farm. Fresher fish and meats are found as well. Plus, commodities in this place are a lot cheaper.
4. It is a safer place to live in. With no pollution and with fresher air to breathe it is more enjoyable to live in the country. Because of these factors, you can have a better and wonderful live.
With all of these benefits, there is no excuse why you must not choose to live in the country side.