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Job Relocation: What You can Reimburse from the Company

When you are being relocated because your job requires that you be in a different place, there are so many things that you must understand most especially about the reimbursements that you can avail of from your company.
There are companies that give you perks such as reimbursing the first two months of house rental that you will incur while others offer free house accommodation. While reimbursing the moving materials and supply kits that you will need during the move out, there are some companies that are only limited at reimbursing moving out box expenses only.
It is also wise that you should understand the guideline for reimbursing other costs such as utility and security deposits when you start renting an apartment or getting your own house unit. Others like vehicle and temporary storage fees are included in the reimbursement package provided by the company.  And in order not to be prey of misguided employee-employer, make sure that everything is documented - receipts are properly audited, contracts have been signed mutually. 
So, if you are being offered a job relocation, then these things must be kept in mind and must be instantly brought up to the one offering you the package as these may be overlooked during the transmittal of information to you.