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Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Removal Company?

There probably isn't but you should be able to look for one that best answers your needs. Relocating is a difficult task and requires a lot of planning and research.
A few things you can do to find the best, if not, perfect removal company for you is to go online. You can practically find everything you need online.  Check the top players in the industry or the middle players if you want to save money. Phone them and inquire about their services, costs, and freebies.

Make an effort to understand the moving process so you know what you are getting yourself into. Do not fully trust all your precious belongings unless you know how they go about in relocating. 
Ask around, if you have to, to get feedback from previous customers.  Ask if they were able to get good deals or how the company managed their stuff.
Build rapport with the company's representatives and ask for good deals or freebies.  Aside from this, when you show good relationship towards them, there is a tendency that they will attend to your needs on a more personal level.
Some other times, if you want a satisfying service, better book your removal during off-peak season.  There won't be too much competition with time and service and also, companies give better deals to attract customers.
To find a perfect removal company, don't rely on them solely.  Do your share and be proactive to receive a good service.