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Insurance on the Move

If you own a lot of precious items, you might be considering insurance for your goods. This comes no surprise since you've worked hard for all these expensive items or probably inherited them from previous generations.   However sometimes, money is not enough to replace a damaged belonging.  The good thing about insurance is that it can protect you financially.   The logic is just like any other insurance, the higher you pay, the higher amount you can get if and when something goes wrong.   Before you could even sign up, verify first some key details like how much is the lead time for you to claim the insurance or any exceptions in availment.  Usually, forfeiture of an insurance claim is nine months but it won't hurt if you will ask your agent.    Once something goes wrong, document it right away.  Take pictures, submit a formal letter of complaint and prepare the insurance policy to be presented.  Do it right away so you have enough time to complete other supporting documents.   Insurance can come from the removal company you've hired or from an outside agency.  Before signing and paying up, double check on the amount covered for a claim.  Read the contract thoroughly and never be shy to ask questions when something seems vague to you.