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How to Plan an Office Move

Moving requires attention if you want it to go smoothly. That is why a team should be created specifically to plan and supervise everything. First, they need a to-do list. The next phase is to evaluate the company in order to improve business. For instance, equipment or business operations systems may need improvement. Company goals should be evaluated too. Based on that, the team would now consider possible locations for the relocation.. It would also be the work of the team to plan out the layout and the design of the office and hire vendors such as the contractors and the designers. They need to consider new vendors for office equipment and supplies too.
Then two weeks before the move, everyone should be contacted again for confirmation and follow up to ensure everything will be ready on time. Even the utility companies needs to be contacted too so utilities would be connected as well. The mailing office needs to be informed so all mails would go to the new address from the day of the move onwards.
Everything must be ready 2 to 3 days before the move. The new office should be finished. All utilities should be in place. And everything else except the items that need to be transported on the day of the move should be in place already. On the other hand, almost everything should be packed at the current office too. Everyone must be updated so everyone would know the status and what to do on the day of the move.
On the moving day, the last minute packing should be swift. Then transportation should be done on time as well. Unpacking and organization should be done swiftly as well so that operations can resume the next business day without problems.