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How to Move on a Budget

Moving can definitely be an expensive feat. But it does not have to be if you cannot afford a huge budget. The secret is to do as much tasks as you can. For instance, instead of going for a full service you can limit it to transportation services only. This means you would have to pack your things, load and unload them from the truck. You would only have a driver and a vehicle to transport everything and that's it.
This is a more tedious option but it could be worth it if you are after saving money. Just make sure that you pack your things in appropriate packing materials. Make sure also that you have family and friends to help you lift the boxes during loading and unloading. To get everything done, everything has to be coordinated by you. You have to start preparing for the move as early as you can if you are doing most of the tasks. Packing, for one, should be started several weeks before the move especially if it's not the only thing you are doing on a daily basis. You also have to contact your family and friends early on so they will reserve that day for you. With proper planning you should be able to do things more smoothly though. You just need to stay as calm as possible so you will not forget anything on the day of the move.