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How to Deal with Temporary Separation due to the Move

There are instances when families are not able to move at the same time. In this instance, you have to be more organized because you won't be together to do all chores. You would then have to divide the chores so everything will be accomplished in time and in an organized manner. You should start with a list of all tasks you need to do. Then again start dividing them so each would know what to do and concentrate on them only. For instance, the person left behind can take care of contacting the utility companies for the disconnection of the utilities while the person going ahead can ensure that utilities are complete and the new home is complete with appliances and furniture. Of course, each should get a copy of the list. Before packing they should sort their things together so they can decide which would go to storage, which can be sold or discarded and which things each would bring as well. With other things discarded and stored, there would less clutter in the house. You will be able to pack well and show potential buyers the house. Since you would be separated, you would need help you can decide to hire a house cleaner and lawnmower to keep the house clean and in order. If you have children you can also decide to get a babysitter for a while.