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Hiring A Great Man And Van Service Is Simple

The main obstacle in your way when it comes to finding a fantastic man and van service is choice. You will find that there are a great many different aspects to the man and van industry that will not matter a huge amount when you have found someone that you trust with the job, but before that, it’s all about ticking off those criteria for what makes an excellent van driver. You need a service that will charge you fairly, have no hidden extras, and be flexible. These may seem like standards, but you would be surprised by the extent to which the opposite can be true! Even when you feel like you know what you need, finding that perfect man and van in amongst the crowds that the internet holds can be extremely tough, so have a look over the following tips and tricks to get a steady footing on the first rung of the ladder that is your search.A good place to start is somewhere that you trust, and this basically means asking your friends and family if they have anyone that they use regularly, that they can vouch for. Taking a recommendation from a friend is very different to that of a stranger on the internet, as of course you value their opinion, or at least understand where they are coming from! Many man and van services do not advertise that heavily, as it can be expensive, and leads to all sorts of strange people ringing at all hours, so unless you ask, you may well miss out on a great driver! These sorts of services are often the type that don’t really need to advertise as well, as they are well known and well trusted, which makes them all the more attractive for your cause!Read the small print. In some adverts you may see an extremely low hourly rate advertised. If this is the case, check for extras, as sometimes the fee that is advertised does not include things like helping with lifting, or fuel costs, or extras like going up stairs! Many van men will charge a flat rate for driving and helping, hence ‘man and van’ and these are the sorts that you want. Others will ask for an overall quote, in which case you have to be careful...Going for a quote option will almost always cost you more than an hourly rate, at least on shorter jobs. The fact is, the quote will be built to cover extensive waiting times, as well as the driver’s journey back to where they are based. If you are worried about traffic, and feel like the hours might rack up, then by all means you should go for a quote. However, with the use of maps and the internet, you should be very well placed to have an idea of exactly how long the job should take. Combining that with being as diligent as possible with loading and unloading, and you would be pretty unlucky to get into a situation that made you so late that you wished you went for the quote option! Do your investigative work for as long as you can, to be really sure that you are getting a good price on either your quote or your hourly rate, and if you are going with a company rather than an individual, you should see if there are any reviews online as to whether they are right for your needs or not.