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Hints And Tips For Moving Your Furniture On Your Moving Day!

Heaving and lifting your big and bulky furniture around is one of the many things that people dread about their moving day. If you don’t properly plan how to lift, move, load and unload your furniture into your moving van then you might find yourself facing a lot of problems! There are lots of things to worry about when it comes to moving furniture – how will it fit through the front door? What’s the best way to load the moving van? Is it safe to lift your sofa on your own? If moving your furniture is worrying you then have a look at these useful tips to help put your mind at ease! -    Getting big items of furniture out of your house.Discovering that your dining room table or your living room sofa is too big to get out of your home is an all-too common problem faced by people on moving day. Measure all of your furniture beforehand to avoid this happening – this makes it a lot easier to plan how to tilt and pivot to get your belongings safely into your moving van! If you have items of furniture that can be easily disassembled then try to have this done in preparation for your house move, and if you’re really stuck, don’t forget that you can always depend on experienced movers to get you out of trouble! -    Lifting heavy items.It’s important for you to carefully lift and carry all of your items properly so you can avoid hurting yourself or causing and damage to your property! Don’t try to lift any items that you know you’re going to struggle with unless you have help. It might seem quick and easy, but if you hurt your back then you’re going to be out of action for a long time! -    Protecting delicate or fragile pieces of furniture.If you’re moving items made of glass or anything that could shatter, scratch or break then you need to make sure you use proper packing materials to prevent this from happening. Use bubble wrap or newspaper to give you the little bit of coverage you need to make sure you’re not going to be facing any accidental damage on moving day! -    Loading the van.Start by loading your removal van with the biggest items first and try to think methodically when you’re placing things inside the vehicle. Don’t throw everything in and hope for the best as this is more than likely to end badly! Make sure all of your items are securely attached and that nothing can slip or slide in the van. Try putting things such as tables upside down so there’s a larger surface area on the bottom of the vehicle! -    Unloading the van.Take your time when unloading your removal vehicle and try to get as much help as you can. Place big items of furniture where you might want them to go so you can have a base layout for your home before you start unpacking all of those boxes. Don’t worry about setting up kitchen appliances just yet – all of that can come after your furniture is out of the van and into your new home! It’ll help if you can get hold of blueprints or photos with measurements so you can plan exactly where your furniture is going to go before moving day. This will make everything a much faster process!