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Great Tips to Get You Packing for Your Move

People do not really look forward to moving because of the broken things that may be its result. Luckily, packing tips will help eliminate or keep to a minimum such things. Bubble wrap, which is that clear plastic sheet peppered with air bubbles, help keep your items protected and in shape. You can use bubble wrap by wrapping it around your valuables and securing the ends with tape. Things that may benefit from bubble wrap during packing include bisque, porcelain, China and other things that can get chipped or broken. Make sure to mark these with ‘Fragile'.
If you run out of bubble wrap, you can use newspapers or foam to pack your dishes to keep them save and prevent them from bouncing during the trip. Remember to wrap each item separately and put the flat ones on the bottom and curved ones (like bowls) at the very top. Add extra strips of foam or lining in the box to keep everything secure and in place. Likewise, you can also use hand towels, bath towels or blankets for large and bulky items that need wrapping . Masking tape will ensure that these items will stay within the blankets or towels.