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Gifts to Present to Moving Neighbors

It is always an emotional experience when people you have known for a long time are moving away. Moving can be very imposing and it would be an unusually kind gesture if you try to ease the burden of your neighbors by giving them presents-something which will diminish their anxiety and strengthen the friendly relations between you.

The list with things you can give as a present is basically boundless but in this article our priority is to list the gifts that won't prove to be financially problematic for you.

1. Address Book
-Purchase a fine-looking notebook and wrap it around colorfully. Then neatly fill the pages with all the contact details of the people living in the neighborhood including yours of course. This present can be very helpful for them if they ever decide in future to return or contact some of their past neighbors. Also, they will probably use it to personally inform everybody of the move itself. To make this notebook an even more precious gift put under the name of every person a picture of him and if possible a picture of a happy memory of him with the leaving neighbor.  

2. Plants/ Flowers
No flower or a plant can be too expensive unless you are aiming for something terribly rare and exotic. However, it is not the gift but the gesture that is of the greatest importance here. This will be a present your neighbors can take along and place in their new garden. It will help them remember you-their favorite neighbors, for a long time.

3. Calling Cards
This is a bit more expensive gift but at least it will keep the friendship between the two of you constantly alive. Allowing your neighbor to call you and other people from the area he is leaving will retain his relations not only with you but also with the other people as well. Naturally you will probably be on the top of his list.  

4. Picnic Basket
This gift will not be remembered so much as the last three but it will definitely make your friendly neighbors happy even for a short while. Since they will be traveling some distance, giving them a basket full of their favorite dishes will not just help them being less worried while on the road but it will make the whole journey enjoyable. A good idea is to place inside a few instant soup mixes which they will be able to savor upon their arrival.

5. Gift Certificates
This present will be very helpful to your neighbors when they finally arrive in their new home. By then they will be heavily exhausted and they will need some rest. So if you give them several food coupons or at least some cash they will be able to order and receive food and drinks without any effort.

6. Doormat
This might be too casual to possess any sort of sentimental value but it will definitely help your neighbors to remember you as their best buddy in the neighborhood every time they get out or in their new house.

7. Last Breakfast
Imagine the day of the departure. All your neighbor's rooms are cleaned and emptied including the kitchen. It is the perfect time to set up a breakfast and invite them. A little feast before the long journey will lift their spirit and will be a fitting conclusion to their life in the neighborhood.