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Domestic Removals Tips - Heavier Items In Your Home

If you find yourself in a position whereby you are using a great domestic removals company, but you still want to have a hand in ensuring that your items are as safe as possible, then it may be a good idea for you to have a decent knowledge in how to get your items moved. Lifting furniture on a home removal is not an easy process, whither you are using a man and van, or just doing it with friends, so you need to be extremely careful and well prepared in order to do a good job of it all. Essentially, the main thing is to ensure that you don’t do anything without thinking about it first, as rushing into a situation will mean that trouble ensues, so have a good look at the following guide to lifting heavier items that you may find in your home and you should feel a little better prepared for the whole thing!Get equipped!Many people go about lifting and shifting stuff in an unprepared way on their home removals, simply using their bodies how they feel they should. In fact, the natural way that you may go about lifting a heavy item can be extremely bad for you, and it is recommended that you do things in certain ways to avoid injury. For a start you need to get yourself some lifting gloves. If you are going to be lifting quite a lot, these gloves will mean that you have an easier time, and can go on for longer with the job. The gloves have a grippy surface on the palm and fingers, which means that you are not just relying on the friction of your skin against the item, which can be quite painful. The gloves will also prevent splinters and burns that may come from such contact with various surfaces. Having tools like sack barrows on hand will mean that the ‘walking’ parts of the move can be a lot easier, as the wheels will take the weight and the item can be rolled. Huge items like pianos and wardrobes can be moved with a sack barrow, you just need to sure of how you go about it. Be safe on your domestic removals.Look up a lifting guide online for an in depth guide to lifting heavy items. They are pretty in depth, so would not fit in this guide! You basically need to understand about where the stress points will be in your body and how they should be combatted, and it all comes down to using your legs rather than spine to exert the force involved. Allowing your back to do the work means that you can pop a disk or trap a nerve in your spine, which will give you pain for the rest of your life, so it is essential that you read up on safe practice first.Man power.You should be sure that the people involved in lifting things are up to the job. The is no point in having someone who is fairly used to heavy weights on one end of a fridge, and someone who really is not on the other, as the job will be lopsided. If you can and need to, up the amount of people on each item, so that the corners are taken, but do not allow people to try things that are beyond them. It may be a little awkward to say, but a little awkwardness never killed anyone; a triple wardrobe probably has! Be safe on your house removals!