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7 Things To Remember When Hiring Your Man And Van London

1.    Asking around your friends and family will ensure that you are able to bisect the difficulties associated with finding a decent removal service. Whether you are looking for a London man and van, or movers, you will be able to find one through people that you know usually. A recommendation from a friend who has used a service will be very valuable, as you know that you can trust them pretty well, and that essentially means that there is a lot less fear of things turning out wrong. 2.    If you don’t find anyone through your friends and relatives, then you can look up certain removal van hire companies online, to see if there are any reviews about them on there. These reviews can vary in accuracy and authenticity, so don’t dwell on them too hard. They are good however for getting a decent read on the average reaction to the company that the previous customers have given, and many reviews sites will have a ratings system that you can us in conjunction with your own feeling about each man and van service.3.    Some man and van services will give you a quote for the whole job, based on how far you need to go, and the load that you need to move. If you are doing a relocation, then you will find that it will cost you more than if you were just moving a chest of drawers on its own. This is simply because the driver will have more lifting to do. 4.    Some van drivers will ask you for an hourly rate, which at present tends to be around the ten pound per hour mark, in London at least. You will find that this will usually be a cheaper way of doing things, unless of course you run in to any serious delays, like traffic, accidents or any other upset to the service. If you can plan against these, then you can make some serious savings against the cost of a full quote on the job, it just takes a little working out.5.    One way to reduce the amount of time that a man and van removal will take will be to get some friends or family to help out with the lifting and moving parts of the job. Having extra hands to get things from the house to the van will make things a lot easier, and allow you to save energy for the rest of the day. You may even be able to get someone to meet you at the other end of the move, and if the van has enough seats, then you can always take another helper along with you. 6.    Saving time is of the essence, so having everything ready and waiting outside before the van even turns up can be very useful. In a similar vein, you can simply load out on to the street, and send the driver on their way, so that the charge for the small removals is as little as it can be. 7.    Whilst most man and van drivers will be totally honest, hard working professionals, you can fall victim to some drivers attempting to scam you, or even making off with your items. Protect against this by having others around, and note down the number plates when you get a chance. Do not be too obvious about this, as it may offend some drivers to be considered a suspect, though you are only being cautious!